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6 Feet Away from that Next Job

6 Feet Away from that Next Job

Will Rogers once said, “The best way out of a difficulty is through it.” It looks like we are all being collectively drug through this difficulty whether we like it or not.

Last we posted we didn’t know where this would go, and we were still hoping one week on the sidelines and we would all be back to work. Here we are, just over one week down the line and it looks like we will be here a while longer.

As predicted, there are far fewer jobs posted online, as many have either been cancelled or put on hold. Many companies are still reeling while others have already completed lay-offs and shut their doors.

Yet there are those actually moving forward with intention to hire. Where are these jobs and how do we find them?

It starts with you. Employers can’t hire you if they don’t know who you are, and now isn’t the time for perfection. Everything is in motion so take advantage of those hiring opportunities and throw your hat in the ring. Job search is an activity-based process, so trust the process even in fluxing circumstances. If there are more people exiting than entering your target employers, then consider (even if just temporarily) adjusting your focus. Consider where you might fit in with companies that service Cloud or Defense. Delivery operations are booming, as is Online Learning, Healthcare and Telemedicine. We’ve all heard of Share of the Stomach, well the Grocery industry is currently on top, so consider what you might do there.

There are many online tools that track who’s hiring, so simply search for “Who’s hiring now” to get a comprehensive list of sites and links. LinkedIn, as well as state and media websites, also tracks this on a daily basis. Get your name out there by using LinkedIn to increase your visibility. The vast majority of recruiters are on LinkedIn, so manage your profile by keeping it complete and up to date.

In closing, the best way to find those hidden jobs, even as we respect the concept of social distancing (a term most of us had never heard this time one month ago), is to always be networking. Networking is about building and maintaining relationships, and we don’t have to touch or stand face to face to do so. Regardless of what’s going on at home or where you currently are in your career, make an effort to stay in touch. Networking is an underrated key to tapping into the hidden job market, so see this as a great opportunity to check in with those you haven’t connected with in a while. Be creative, think of yourself in terms of all of your skills and not just those you were using yesterday. Give back and provide something of value to your network; don’t overemphasize your own needs at the expense of others. People in your network will be more willing to help you if you’re willing to help them.

Even though we may be 6 feet away, we are all in this together.