Falling In Love Too Soon

My realtor friend was recently bemoaning the fact that all too often a client will get so attached to a house they don’t want to keep looking. Before the tour is even over, they’ve painted the walls, arranged the furniture and moved in. When a client gets this mindset, he says, it’s nearly impossible to keep opening doors and continuing the search. Everything stands still. Of course this sometimes works out, but more often than not the deal falls through. Emotions as well as momentum all need to be recovered and recalibrated, all because the client has simply fallen in love too soon.

Until you have a signed offer you have nothing.

The same is true for the job search. You aced the interview, everybody loved you, and you even got a tour of the gym. You believe this is the one. You go home and turn off the searches, power down your LinkedIn, and file your resume for later use. Then comes the rejection. Regardless of why, swallowing the pill of runner up is ever so bitter when that’s all there is. It’s okay to fall in love with a job and begin to imagine your new life on the team, you just don’t want it to slow down your search. Keep kicking in doors, keep interviewing, keep accepting invitations to network and connect. As we say in this business, until you have a signed offer you have nothing.

So don’t lose a beat in your heart or your step. Every activity tied to your job search is teaching you something you didn’t know, introducing you to someone you’ve never met, getting your name in front of someone you’ve never heard of. Increase your attractiveness by staying engaged in the market, meeting the competition, and learning what you’re worth and where you want to be. When the offers and negotiations start to come, and they will, you will be better positioned to choose your true love and continue down the road to happily ever after.

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