Ramping up the Search

August is in full swing, K-12 is back in school, colleges and universities are airing and preparing their dorms, so time to ramp up that job search!

All the work you did leading up to summer came to a screeching halt around the 4th of July. As we find ourselves in mid-August, hiring managers are back in town, Q2 numbers have been tallied, and the first wave of hiring is underway.  Companies are scrambling to arrange interviews and you want to be sure to get in on the fun.

Return to where you left off and recall what were your latest communications. If you signed off by wishing everyone a happy 4th, time to reach out again with a “Hope you had a great summer! I just wanted to let you know I’m still very interested in the XX position, and would love to reconnect and find out if the position has changed in any way, and reiterate just how my background and experience are a great fit.”

You can also ask about timelines if you have received indicators that they are simply waiting for the interviewing to begin or continue. Either way, you’re raising your hand, reminding them of you and your excitement in the position, and trying to force a direction so you know what way to move.

Remember, as we have covered in many previous articles, don’t allow yourself to fall in love with one position and wait for the phone to ring. Keep applying, keep interviewing, keep the momentum going so that when things really do start to break you will have done your research, and be able to confidently accept the right offer.

How well you have kept your notes and maintained your target list will directly feed into this ramping up process. It’s hard to remember what we did last week let alone over a month ago. Stay tuned as we begin a new series on the Target List, and look at what it’s for, how to build it and make it work for you. 

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