Recruiter Voice Question #3

Question: As career professionals (coaches and resume writers) we have found that job seekers tend to rely too heavily on job boards and end up wondering why they aren’t getting interviews. However, we are now hearing that recruiters often source candidates from job boards. Do you use job boards to source candidates, and if so, which ones?

Response: I would absolutely recommend any active job seeker to have their information available online as part of their job search strategy. It’s a bit different if the person has a job and is a passive job seeker, as one should be more careful of course. That said, it’s important to be on LinkedIn with a complete profile, picture, and recommendations and when actively job seeking please do attach the resume to the profile as well. Other job boards to consider are Indeed, Glassdoor, and ZipRecruiter. In addition, there may also be some specific geographically based job boards tied to where the job seeker lives. And finally, always consider profession specific job boards as well.

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