Recruiter Voice Question #4

Question: What is your biggest pet peeve on resumes you receive?

Response: My biggest pet peeve in terms of resumes I receive is when they are long and rambling. As a recruiter we are careful about how we spend our time, so resumes that are too long, i.e. 3+ pages, are indeed a pet peeve. It takes too long to review, and I typically find the information to be redundant and oftentimes poorly written. We are primarily interested in your last 10 years with a brief nod to what got you there, what you’re currently doing and education and license credentials. You might be a great candidate but because you threw everything into your resume including the kitchen sink, I either can’t find the golden nuggets or I get tired of looking and move on. Clarity, brevity and consolidation. That’s key to an effective resume.  

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