Turning Year-End into New Beginning

Year-end is always a good time to catch our breath and take a break. But time and energy allowing, we recommend turning some of this down-time into uplifting small successes. Here are some key things that don’t take long and will make all the difference as you head into the New Year:

  • Take a moment to gather and write down this year’s achievements, promotions, client successes or additional responsibilities.
  • Review and update your resume with these new milestones and achievements (Don’t forget to review the whole resume to determine what old can go out to make room for the new).
  • Flow these new additions into your LinkedIn profile to bring it up to date.
  • Go through your LinkedIn contacts and wish those you deem appropriate happy holidays in order to reconnect and strengthen the bond (You never know when you will need them to serve as references, write recommendations, or refer you to the hiring manager for that job you want).
  • Set up alerts with companies of interest by visiting their websites and getting registered.
  • Monitor the market effectively by setting up job alerts with LinkedIn, Indeed and Glassdoor, to name a few.
  • Review this year’s emails to find unanswered recruiter mail you may have received, and reach out to say happy holidays, Hanukah, merry Christmas or just plain Happy, and send them your updated resume and search ideas.
  • The first four items are good for all of us to do every year, regardless of our job outlook. You will say thank you to you when that unexpected transition comes and you have maintained the garden of documents and friends.
  • We’re not all work and no play. You’re welcome to accomplish this list while sitting by the fire, at a cozy café, or in your in-law’s den watching Chevy Chase celebrate his Jelly of the Month.