Using Assessments When Searching For The Next CEO

Recruiting “the perfect candidate” oftentimes gets very difficult when finding the next CEO to lead the organization. There are many, many factors one must first capture correctly before starting the search for the next top executive. Looking at the industry, size, culture and current position in the market is merely the beginning of the search as a start-up certainly will need a different CEO than a Fortune 100 company. But clearly, one needs to do more including using assessments when hiring.


Utilizing an Executive Search Firm to assist will allow a company to tap the resources, connections, and expertise to improve the odds of a successful search. Any successful search should include current internal candidates who may be well suited for the role. It’s important to follow the same process as when looking at external candidates to make sure that the internal candidate is indeed “CEO Ready”, as “lots of executives aspire to become a CEO, but few actually possess the leadership chops to pull it off,” according to a Forbes article quoting Mike Wyatt Chairman of N2Growth.


It’s therefore important to look at the individual traits of the candidates and this important definition work must first be done up front before starting the search. Avoid Peter’s Principle, assuming that success in a current/past role will bring success to the intended role, as one needs to focus on the abilities relevant to the CEO role.


Best practice is to use employment assessment tests to determine the traits and characteristics of CEO candidates, as it will eliminate many of the risks in the hiring process. The better you know the candidate, the more likely you will make a correct hiring decision.


Christian Kaijser is the Co-Founder of Career Evolutions, a Scottsdale-based full life-cycle employment solutions firm providing Recruitment, Outplacement, and Career Coaching services. Building Careers One Professional At A Time, Career Evolutions blends a revolutionary behavioral science assessment with state-of-the-art technology to reduce unwanted turnover and improve employee performance. For more information contact us at 480 626.5253.

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